About the workshop

This workshop will be held at ESTEC, 16-18 October 2013. The workshop will start on Wednesday 16th at 9:00, and end on Friday 18th at noon. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 30 September 2013. The workshop focuses on the interactions between the surface and internal structure of small bodies in the solar system. The goal is to bring together experts, either observers, experimentalists or theorists, to discuss the state-of-the-art of various fields relevant to the study of small body evolution.

Strategically, understanding the origin of small bodies is a key step towards explaining the processes at work during the early phases of the solar system. Unfortunatelly, understanding the evolution of small body physical properties is a complex problem, because it involves many different processes acting together at the same time. The process of explaining the evolution of small objects can be broken down in small steps, each of which can be understood and followed. We therefore aim with this workshop at bringing together experts working on each of theses steps.

The workshop will consist of contributed talks and posters. Ample time will be given to discussions and working groups, in order to:

  • Exchange the latest results on the different fields,
  • Identify what is missing to the community, to maximize our understanding of the surface-interior interactions on small bodies and their physical evolution,
  • Identify interfaces between fields, and motivate new collaborations. 


For additional information or help, please use the contact form on the left.

Financial support can be provided for students. Please use the contact form for more information. 

This workshop is funded by the ESTEC Faculty Council.


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